I would like to sincerely thank you for being so thoughtful and for the best customer service I have encountered in years.
I am so grateful the necklace was able to be replaced and it was a complete surprise and lovely gesture on your behalf to receive the pearl and diamond set necklace which I just adore just as much as the double pearl necklace.
If you have a website I would dearly love to give positive feedback on your company and the fantastic communication and customer service I have received.
I love your products and will highly recommend you to all of those that admire my beautiful necklaces.
Thank you once again
I received my order today and just wanted to say how delighted I was! Great care and super fast service. Thank you!!
Thank you for my order. The wool scarf and all the jewellery is beautiful. Also Thank you for the extra gift of earrings. Very lovely.
Your service and products are amazing.
I actually ordered this as a gift, I am sending an Australian care package to a person I met on Facebook and thought I would send her and her daughter an opal necklace because it's a beautiful gem. I was googling everywhere for an affordable place to buy one and came across your site. I almost got the 2 for 1 necklace before I found this trio pack so I can send two now and keep the plain silver heart for myself or someone else :)
Dear Lori Team, Thank you so much for your generosity in awarding prizes to all those who entered your recent contest for the freshwater pearl necklace and earring set, and thank you for enjoying my South-of-Tahiti memories of Princess Melahi. 
Stephen, USA
Thank you again so much for the perfect jewellery, such beautiful designs so unique. thank you, thank you

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